The 8×8 Game System

I was selling these as a build it yourself kit but unfortunately I have run out. You can however build your own with all the information contained within this web page. You can download schematics, parts list and there are a number of games to try out also.

Original Demo Video:

Space Invaders Game:

Stacy’s modified version:


The Circuit

The circuit design is very simple – it uses an 8×8 bi-colour led matrix display, four 74373 tri-state buffer / latches, eight mini push-buttons, a handful of transistors and resistors – and at the heart of it all is the pic16f648a microcontroller with 16 I/O ports and 4k of program memory.

I built a prototype using a breadboard and also made up a dodgy looking controller from vero-board. I then started programming various games and example programs for the system. Then when i was happy that it would make a good kit – I then drew up the PCB design using a great program called diptrace. I then sent off my design to PCBCART and had 50 boards made up.

Parts List

  • PIC16f628a or PIC16f648a microcontroller
  • 8×8 RG LED Matrix
  • 16 x NPN Transistors (2n2222a or similar)
  • 32 x 150 ohm Resistors
  • 10 x 10k ohm Resistors
  • 8 x Push Buttons
  • 4 x 74373 chips

My good friend Stacy has even come up with a nifty handle for the 8×8 game system made out of some PVC pipe.

Stacy1 Stacy4 Stacy3 Stacy2

You can download a range of games source code, schematic and PCB assembly instructions here: