Make your own Super Mario Bros Levels

My 5 and 4 year old boys very much enjoy playing games from my retro video game collection with Super Mario Bros being their favourite. So I did a little searching on the internet for a Super Mario Bros level editor and well, I found one.

It is called Super Mario Bros. Game Builder and is a Java app, so it will work on Mac, Windows and Linux. It has loads of great functionality including:

  • Password protected games, to share unchangeable games with other players
  • Virtually limitless numbers of levels/warps/enemies/blocks/pipes/etc.
  • Custom level names and time limit options
  • Bowser battles, flagpoles, Lakitu, flying fish, and other custom level features]
  • Little to no learning curve to master building custom games!
  • Builder tools likes tracing warps, finding Mario, and editing sprite properties
  • Robust save/load, edit/undo, add/remove/copy levels, and many others

You can get more info including a download, here:

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sirrichardmeyer, I’d like to see that dev release! (What new features does it have, if any?)

Andrew Kellogg finally got a DMCA notice from Nintendo, and as a result both his official website and the gamejolt page are down for good. I happen to have the last unreleased dev version for it, which I was working on by myself before the DMCA. If you want it, leave a reply and I’ll figure something out. It just seems a shame to see such a good game go to waste.

sirrichardmeyer: I know quite some time passed since your post, but is there still an option to get the last dev version? Thanks in advance!

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