Electronics Course Notes

I wanted to build a nice easy to read, fun to explore electronics course. So I started making one – the only problem was that I didn’t really think about just how much time it would take me to make. As such I spent multiple months coming up with nearly 200 pages of content, but it barely scratches the surface of what I wanted to achieve.

I managed to write about 7 chapters which deal with, atomic theory, circuit symbols, voltage, current and resistance, ohms law, how to use your calculator, resistors and variable resistors. I even included questions at the end of each chapter.

Anyhow, you guys are all welcome to download and use what I have made (download link at the bottom of this page) – I just would have loved to have a complete course because I think it would have been a great learning tool. If you have any comments – feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

Here’s a brief preview of some random content contained in the notes:



You can download the course notes here:

Electronics Course Notes (589 downloads)