The Electronics Lab

The Electronics Lab is both a fun way to get started with building and programming electronics circuits and also to use a prototyping platform for your own creations. A series of instructional video’s will be provided to step you through various projects and circuits that are designed to make learning fun:

Electronics Lab Circuit Building Animation

many of the projects revolve around building and programming some sort of game, in-fact, the Electronics Lab has a Super Nintendo Control Pad which is used to control a whole bunch of these games. Be sure to check out the video for just some of the projects which will be covered in the how-to video’s:

Electronics Lab Features

  • Arduino Uno compatible microcontroller (or you can plug in your own)
  • Onboard Variable Power Supply
  • 8×8 RGB LED Matrix Display
  • Piezo Buzzer
  • Light Dependant Resistor
  • SNES Control Pad Port
  • Electronics Breadboard
  • Seven Segment Display
  • Eight Toggle Switches
  • Four Colored Push Buttons
  • Microcontroller Breakout Headers
  • 16 character x 2 line LCD Display
  • Eight RGB LED’s
  • Potentiometer
  • Infrared Receiver
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • SNES Compatible Control Pad
  • Various Lengths of Hookup Wire
  • USB Cable

I plan on selling these through my Tindie store and possibly running a kickstarter campaign – I estimate the price for each kit which includes all you see in the top image would be $69USD.

This (like all of my projects) is open source and all design documents will be made available once I finalise the design. These documents will include:

  • PCB Design and Gerber files
  • Schematic Diagram
  • Bill of Materials
  • Project Video’s
  • Source code (some source code is adapted from others code and this will therefore be released under their same license where applicable)
  • Fritzing version of the breadboard layout view

I’m still working on a few tweaks but let me know if anyone is interested in getting an Electronics Lab.