My Projects

Here is a list of some of my electronic projects that I have documented. Hopefully you find them interesting and useful!

The Great Race

The great race is a very addictive and easy to build little game. It is made from readily available and inexpensive components and was actually the first game I designed with a microcontroller. The idea of the game is to drive your car (the red dot) to the left and right of screen to avoid …

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Super Pixel Bros

This game is based on the 1985 Nintendo classic – Super Mario Bros. Super Mario Bros is one of my all time favourite games. I liked it so much in fact that I decided to make my own version, but restricting the graphics to just 64 pixels! I have given it the name ”Super Pixel Bros” …

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BJT Biasings for iOS

Please note – I stopped paying my Apple developer subscription and as such, this app is no longer available for download. This is an iOS app that I originally made to help students in my electronics classes to better understand the inner workings of various BJT circuits. I will often ask the students “What will happen …

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The PICnDuino

The PICnDuino is an Open Source dual microcontroller development platform built into a tiny direct to USB device. It is compatible with both Arduino and Amicus18 which have an already established fan base giving you instant access to hundreds of tutorials, code examples, project designs and support forums. For the more adventurous users, you can even use …

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