Space Invaders on a 32×16 RG LED Matrix (YAIGC)

Back in 2008 I made a very simple Space Invaders type game on an 8×8 RG LED matrix display. Everything was represented by a single pixel (I.E. the player, the bad guys, the UFO up the top and even the barriers). It was still a playable game but I have found a better LED version!…

The Game of Light

The Game of Light is a great Arduino project that has a 64 pixel X 64 pixel RG LED matrix. This is a project that I especially like because it plays retro games! The graphics are quite a bit better than any LED game that I have made (infact, it’s much higher resolution than anything…

Gameboy Cartridge Reader via Arduino

GBCartRead is an arduino based original Gameboy cartridge reader made by Alex at inside gadgets. I am a huge fan of retro video games and have quite a collection of gameboy consoles and cartridges myself. I have wanted to make a cart reader / writer for a while now but have just not had the…

Bitfogav’s Firewing Matrix Shield

Bitfogav (a resident forum member) has come up with a great shield for the new Firewing platform. I especially like this shield because it’s just the sort of thing that I would make! Click HERE to check it out.

The $9 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit

An indiegogo project that aims to put the power and ease of arduino into your hands for as little as $9. This project is compatible with the Arduino Leonardo board. (Source – bitfogav from the forums) Click HERE to check it out.

Red Pitiya

A Kickstarter project that combines a dual signal oscilloscope, dual signal spectrum analyser, function generator and more into one device. You can access the Red Pitiya via any web browser on practically any web enabled device. (Source – Kickstarter) Click HERE to check it out.

Interfacing a NES Control Pad to an Arduino

Most of my electronic projects revolve around making games. (Retro type video games that you may have seen in the 1980’s). So therefor I need some way of controlling the games – normally by way of push buttons. I used to connect up some push buttons to a breadboard but it wasn’t the nicest solution….

Arduino Tips and Tricks

I will be compiling some useful tips for you guys in this page to help with your Arduino projects. A faster way to read and write to / from digital pins. Have you noticed how slow reading and writing digitals pins is with the: digitalRead(); and digitalWrite(); functions? Well I sure have (and upon searching…

The Best Way To Program Arduino’s.

  I have been programming microcontrollers for about 6 years now and have mainly been using Microchip’s PIC range of microcontrollers. My favourite programming environment is Swordfish Basic. It is a pleasure to use however despite being around since (I think) 2007, it doesn’t have a very large user base. Arduino is a fantastic way…

RetroGaming Times Monthly

[bbp-forum-index] I stumbled across this great site when looking at how visitors came to my site.   It’s a monthly online magazine dedicated to retro video games – and it’s fantastic! The site has been running since 1997 and is still going strong. One of my hobbies is also collecting retro video games (that’s why…