Arduboy – The Credit Card Sized Video Game System.

Now this is a project that I can get excited about! Kevin from over at has come up with the coolest credit card sized gaming device I have ever seen!


I thought my credit card sized 64 Pixel LED game system was cool. The Arduboy is not only the same length and width as a credit card – it is also basically the same thickness too coming in at just 1.6mm thick! (and that’s including the battery, speaker and OLED display!)

How did he do it? Well it’s very clever really the maker of the Arduboy (Kevin) has designed his PCB so that all component bodies fit into their own special cut out in the PCB substrate. Since all components are 1.6mm or less in thickness, this makes for a very thin yet functional gaming device. There are no actual buttons – it uses the PCB pads in conjunction with the backplane (and I’m guessing) when your fingers are touching the backplane and one of the pads, they are each connected to the an ADC of the microcontroller and it measures the reading to give a pressed / not pressed indication.


Be sure to check out his website for video’s of the Arduboy in action and while you’re there, click on one of the links at the bottom of the page to let him know that you’re interested in seeing these get put into production. I sure want one!

Here’s the link:




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