Christmas Tree LED Display

The motivation behind this project was so that I could give a simple little gift to friends, family and neighbours that was unique (and inexpensive!)

This little device measures just 3cm x 3cm x 2cm and is designed to hang on your Christmas tree just like any other ornament. When you switch it on, it scrolls a Christmas message “MERRY CHRISTMAS”

As long as you only switch it on at night and then switch it off when you go to bed, you should certainly get a whole months use from just one coin cell battery.

The other cool thing with this is that it also has an inbuilt game. The game is called “Santa’s Scramble” and it is effectively just The Great Race but renamed to suit the season. There are two mini push buttons located on the rear of the unit to allow you to play the game.


For Full details of this project – see my write up on the instructables website:

Click Here to go to the instructables site.

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