Space Invaders on a 32×16 RG LED Matrix (YAIGC)

Back in 2008 I made a very simple Space Invaders type game on an 8×8 RG LED matrix display. Everything was represented by a single pixel (I.E. the player, the bad guys, the UFO up the top and even the barriers). It was still a playable game but I have found a better LED version!

Mario Vernari, over at has come up with a great version of Space Invaders which he calls ‘Yet Another Invaders Game Clone’. This version is made on a NETDUINO with a 32×16 RG LED matrix, an LCD  and some buttons mounted on a breadboard for controls. The game play looks great and the part I especially like is that this version uses sprites. For example the enemies not only move left and right on the screen, but they also animate as they move. When you shoot down an enemy, they don;t simply disappear but rather they will explode.

You can find full details of the game HERE. Including a youtube video of the game in action, instructions to build one for yourself and source code.