Tindie – A place to sell your electronic projects

Tindie is a site I stumbled upon that allows electronic designers (like me!) to sell my projects online through a site of like-minded electronics enthusiasts. You can also browse and buy various projects that other people have made.

Click HERE to check it out.

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Respected sir i m student of b.tech. In my college fest i have developed advanced version of automatic curtain control. In my project we have four mode of working “automatic mode”, “full close”, “full open”, “stop”. All four mode are proper working. AUTOMATIC MODE:- In this mode curtain automatically move according to movement of sunlight. I use 4 ldr(light detecting resistance) for detecting location of sunlight. Suppose initially curtain is full open after some time sunlight is falling on 20% section of curtain then curtain automatically close untill it reaches 25% section of curtain no need to press any button… Read more »

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