The $9 Arduino Compatible Starter Kit

An indiegogo project that aims to put the power and ease of arduino into your hands for as little as $9. This project is compatible with the Arduino Leonardo board. (Source – bitfogav from the forums)

Click HERE to check it out.

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The delivery date is now about 10 months late. ‘Updates’ are total waste of time. Total raised was around $300,000. Guy lives in Florida but I haven’t found him – yet
Indiegogo is a joke when it comes to customer service, I very much doubt I’ll ever support another campaign

I’m really sorry to hear that. I pledged for a single unit and received it a long time ago. How did he raise $300,000? I thought it was about $160,000?

Hi Brad, Total for all the projects he’s involved with. The page to verify address has been down for at least 9 months, nothing will be sent out without address verification, can’t verify address when verification page isn’t working. Dimitri Albino may be the problem, seems he’s scammed people before

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