Super Pixel Bros on the Intellivision

I am a big fan of the old Nintendo Entertainment System video game console. And perhaps one of my favourite games on that system is Super Mario Bros.


(image reference:—Super-Mario-Bros.png)

So a few years ago I decided to make my own version of this Nintendo classic but restrict it to just 64 pixels on an 8pixel X 8pixel RGB LED matrix. I gave it the name Super Pixel Bros. (Full details of this project can be found HERE)


Now years later someone named Catsfolly from has ported Super Pixel Bros over to an even older video game console – the Intellivision:

image reference:

Since I coded the game in Swordfish basic, Catsfolly was able to port the code over to Intellivisions IntyBasic. However it would have taken some work since the intellivision and the Super PixelBros hardware are completely different and the two ‘flavours’ of Basic are also different. As such I am very impressed that this has been achieved and am quite humbled that someone has actually done something like this with one of my projects.

Here’s an animation of the gameplay for the Intellivision version of the game:


You can get full details including source code and rom downloads from the original atariage forum discussion here:

I think it’s quite interesting that we have gone from 1980’s hardware to 2011 hardware and then back to 1970’s hardware 🙂